Majid is a very educated, exposed and charming person. Majid is the Founder and Managing Partner of and has a wealth of experience as a business leader in the Middle East. For anyone hoping to enter the Iranian market, I would recommend Majid highly as ‘THE’ person to know. Majid’s knowledge of the Iranian market and the lay of the land is extensive, and he has the experience and expertise necessary to be able to give pertinent advice on doing business in the country.

I first met Majid in 2016 at Hult International Business School, where I was pursuing my MBA. He was an alumnus of the 2014 Hult Executive MBA Cohort but had flown down to present to us possible career outlooks for Iran. The talk was titled, “Smell of Saffron: What to expect from Iran’s future business and job market?” He detailed the state of the Iranian business/job environment and explained the talent success factors. He also outlined the initial jobs most likely to be in demand after the lifting of the embargo. Majid showcased his country with pride and passion and I was thoroughly impressed. We have been in touch ever since.